Hey guys!

Following up on the last post, we are gonna take it a little further this time…

Attacker: Backtrack 5 R1 Gnome 32
Victim: Windows XP sp3 Fully Patched

We will spoof the network, this time using arpspoof & dnsspoof just because they provide greater finnesse! :D
For the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) attack, I am going to use a custom template for Facebook (seen in an earlier post) since it reduces loading time compared to the cloned pages by S.E.T.

For the payload I choose the Meterpreter session in order to upload a file and make the victim’s Windows machine load that file every time the computer starts.
To achieve this we modify the regedit of the XP box via a vnc session.

Enough Talk, let’s check that video in hi-def:

Song: Victor Munhoz & Endo – Funky 2 (JPhil Remix)

Source : http://technicdynamic.com/2011/10/dns-spoofing-whole-network-wireless/