Still today, it is very common to see small & medium business’ using low security settings on their network’s.

On this educational video, we will be looking at how an attacker would gain front door access to a network just by monitoring enough data packets to eventually crack the password.

The wireless network is in default configuration using the WEP encryption method.

Let’s take a look at the gear:

  • Wireless Network Interface Card: AWUS036NH
  • Alfa AWUS036NH Network Interface Card

  • Computer using Linux Backtrack 5 Operating System
  • Backtrack Linux 5

You can use any Linux distribution you like, but I recommend Backtrack because it comes with everything you will need pre-installed. For more information on how to install Backtrack to your computer or run a Live CD, visit their website by clicking on their logo image. Most wireless network interface cards are automatically identified by Backtrack as well.

Make sure you watch the video in high quality (1080p) so you can see the commands:

If you’re relatively new to Linux, I would recommend downloading the commands file and go through each step following the video. Remember to replace the devices under ()’s for the proper device. Example in video, (wireless device) = wlan0.

Songs used for the video credited to Mt. Eden

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next video! :)

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