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Main » 2012 » February » 1 » Securing your computer data: What's your business?
4:32 PM
Securing your computer data: What's your business?
Securing your computer data: 
What issues your business?

Computer data in the heart of your business

    In 2005, about 218 European companies, more than 50% have suffered financial losses related to  
computer problems. The same year, another study highlighted that only 30% of companies had taken  precautions to ensure the availability and reliability their data.

What are the risks for computer data? 

There are different types of risks to company data, the main ones are:
  • viruses and malware
  • fraudulent email,
  • piracy
  • industrial espionage,
  • embezzlement,
  • the loss of confidential information,
  • the error handling.

What to do?

The main actions to secure its computer business are:
  • protect access to the internet
  • protect the computer network,
  • audit the content of your website, showcase your business on the internet,
  • backup your computer data, which are both based on your work and your company's history,
  • filter e-mails,
  • educate users,
  • anticipate incidents and minimize their impacts.

Where to start?

    Perform an inventory is often necessary to have an overview of the computer. The study, in the form of audit, assesses the potential risks and provides a starting point for , professional security, puts its expertise at your service, you  support this approach. Each audit is tailored, according to the expectations of the company and its structure.

A long-term support offers customized solutions to your needs:

  • Equipment dedicated to Internet security
  • Advice network architecture
  • Backing up computer data
  • Protection against malware
  • Mail protection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Training
  • Security policy advice
  • Various solutions

Because your computer is constantly evolving, constant vigilance is required. Therefore, with its experience, you to take charge of the administration and maintenance

daily  integrated solutions.

Secure your data, without losing time, and staying focused on your job, you can! It is not enough to say that we are the best. We have developed services enabling you to check it: some of

Our  services are billed on outcome.

Some misconceptions My firewall protects my network. FALSE: A firewall protects only the internet access point for your business, not your internal network or your data. I know if I was hacked! FALSE: No diagnostic tool It is not possible to know if a business has been hacked. In France one in two businesses 

would be  pirated without his knowledge.

It's risky not to secure my network.
TRUE: The company may among other things, to lose its data, to mediate an attacker. This can incur 
responsibility  for civil and criminal acts which are foreign.

Safety is only a technical problem.
FALSE: The security level is measured by its weakest link. An employee not aware of safety will be always
link  the lower your security chain.

Computer security is expensive!
FALSE: An expert in his craft, Safety offers solutions and services, tailored to the budget of 
SOHO and  SMB.
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